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Latino Night

At the Corinthian

Put on your dancin' shoes and head on over to the Corinthian
on Friday and Saturday nights for the hottest Latin dance music
this side of the border. Latino dancing has reemerged in the
clubs of key cities in the US and has become the dance
craze and alternative to the 70ís disco dancing.
D.J. Rudy Alvarez, from WAIF radio 88.3 FM spins the tunes for these special nights and creates the dances of life. The savvy rhumba, romantic salsa, Colombian cumbia, rhythmic cha-cha, pulsating tango, Mexican tejano, drumbeating mambo, modern-day merengue, carefree wing, ticklish macarena, and the sensuous Brazilian lambada are only a few of the celebrated Latin dances that have set dance floors on fire across the country. You can Listen to Rudy on the radio every Monday night from 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. RUDYBut you don't want to miss the Latin dancing at the Corinthian.

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dancemore DancinHappy dancers
Line Dance

Dancin' gang

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